Weather Conspiracy Theorists Need To Chill

Weather conspiracy theorists are one of the more questionable conspiracy theory groups. Have mixed feelings on conspiracy theories in general. Firm believer in questioning the realities of what society tells us is the truth. That part I cannot be mad at. However even if the government has an ability to somehow manipulate the weather, guess what? IT FUCKING RAINS NOW AND AGAIN. Water evaporates from water masses, form clouds and inevitably that water comes back down in the form of rain, snow, and hail. If the weather is getting weird has less to do with the government as much as it has to do with the CO2 levels people have elevated to the highest levels in almost 4 million years. Tired of seeing people on social media claim it is a government conspiracy every time a couple of rain drops come down.

  • Kchuck

    Human activity has virtually NOTHING to do with climate change. You climate change idiots act as if the world started on day ONE and everything was wonderful until man ,the EEEVIL MAAAAN, caused bad things to happen. CO2 is but one of many components of the atmosphere and that produced by humans is a small per cent of that, but you looneys latch onto it as an excuse to be indignant about something, anything.

    The stock market advances twice as much when an NFC team wins as when an AFC team wins the Super Bowl, more than 90% of communists have eaten an apple, there seems to be an increase in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. All of these”facts” yield the same conclusion. “SO WHAT?”

    The earth’s climate is constantly changing and has been since day one.

    • Braders

      I take it the hole in the Ozone layer wasn’t man made either? Such a closed mind, reading comments like yours helps me to understand why the world is in the mess it is! I find it so sad that people are so stupid that they listen to politicians and believe them, you must be an American and probably a Republican too? The perfect mix of dumb ass!

      • Kchuck

        Claudetunes, you make the usual liberal arguments -NONE. Sorry but insults are no substitute for a rational argument. You should look up “projection” in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and it is likely you will find a very nice picture of yourself. Try doing a little research and THINKING instead of just regurgitating whatever your leftist puppetmasters tell you to think. Good luck.

        • ChasG

          Human contributions to global warming are not limited to CO2 produced directly by human activity. A major source of anthropogenic warming is livestock. Another is deforestation. Another is the disappearance of 40% of ocean plankton over the past century due in large part to heavily trafficked seaways utilized for global trade. This is also responsible for the accelerating rate of depletion of ocean fish populations as a major global food source.

          Your original comment comparing the stock market changes with Super Bowl outcomes to CO2 and global warming reveals your near total lack of rational discernment on this subject. You are making a logic error of “false equivalence.”

          A thin thread of truth in your comment is that mere correlation of events is not evidence of cause and effect. However, your extension of that understanding shows you are naive or unaware of scientific methods that demonstrate when a cause and effect relationship exists, as with the effect of greenhouse gasses on average global temperatures, quite unlike any effect imagined for the Superbowl on Wall Street.

          You are also correct (as are the overwhelming majority of climate scientists) that climate change is also a naturally occurring event since the birth of the planet. But your conclusion that human activity is not a part of climate change is both ignorant and irrational.

          Finally, your proclivity to resort to ad hominem attacks rather than rational and open minded debate betrays your ignorance of this subject.

          • Kchuck

            “Finally, your proclivity to resort to ad hominem attacks rather than
            rational and open minded debate betrays your ignorance of this subject.”

            As with claudetunes, I must refer you to “Projection” in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

            It is you who is resorting to ad hominem attacks and trying to pass of the fallacy of Post hoc ergo propter hoc as scientific reason.

            I don’t have the time right now to look up the exact figures but the fact is CO2 is but one of many components of the atmosphere and a small one at that and the human contribution is miniscule.

            As for the contribution of bovine flatulence to global warming I can only say puh-leeese!!

            A relevant fact is that there has been no global warming for the last 17 years.

            Have you considered that solar activity may have more to do with the temperature of the earth than human activity?

            I’m really not trying to be a jerk. I’m just trying to get you to follow the facts to a conclusion rather than starting with a conclusion and looking for “facts” to support it.

  • Mota

    it was normal when the season change itself. the weather has been strange. HAARP is a man made . it was better already without it. and everything did go to shit once Man took over dumass.

  • Braders

    I have already said this, but I thought I could ask everyone while I’m here. What is HAARP and what was it designed and built to to do? And why do people think it can modify weather patterns? I would love to know as I too hear it mentioned a lot, and I have no idea what HAARP is, or if there is such a thing?

  • Braders

    I was just wondering, do you know what HAARP is designed to do and if so, could you please explain to me? I ask because I too hear it mentioned a lot and I am totally clueless to what it was designed and built to be used for! You seem to know what you are talking about, no worries if not. Thanks.