Tumblr Should Pay For Production Of ‘Based God: The Musical’

Long story short Yahoo, which is pretty much irrelevant in 2013, came up with a solution for that problem. The solution? Buy social media/blogging format Tumblr for $1.1 Billion.

Think the deal is dumb. Yahoo is looking at Tumblr’s consumer base and all their traffic and sees dollar signs. What they don’t get is that their company is probably made up of people who don’t even get what made Tumblr win in the first place. So much so that they have to swear they won’t mess it up when locking the deal down, which is not a good sign. Yahoo is going to come in and try and monetize all of Tumblr’s traffic doing a bunch of corny shit that will more than likely scare away Tumblr’s base. So while Yahoo will probably fuck Tumblr up, that is not the point of this blog.

The blog is about how the founder of Tumblr, David Karp, has an obligation to give some of that money back to what made Tumblr win. As far as I’m concerned memes of Lil B The Based God are responsible for nearly 70% of Tumblr’s success. This Karp character needs to partner up with the Lil B and create Based God: The Musical and he needed to do it yesterday. If the creators of South Park can win on Broadway making fun of Moromons there is no telling me the Based God can’t win. So Mr. Karp, the ball is in your court, thank the Based God, and put his face on a marquee on Broadway.