Shop & Frisk

What it means to stay fly in a police state I’ll start this article with my recollection of buying a mercerized cotton rain jacket from the Gucci store on 5th Ave over twenty five years ago (summer 1987). I worked as a messenger/mailroom clerk in an office overlooking the old New York Colosseum at Columbus […]

Commercial Rap Is Boring

Commercial rap is boring. Came to this realization after watching a much heralded music video done by hip hop music video heavyweight Hype Williams for Meek Mill’s latest single “Levels.” While the song is catchy enough, it is also the perfect example of modern commercial hip hop’s love affair with flash in-the-pan hits. More than […]


Brought to You By… Pt.3

Forget the black ink, these days, most record labels are happy just to keep the florescent lights humming. Still, the situation isn’t hopeless. This year marks the tenth anniversary of one label that continues to take chances on fringe acts, allowing its artists ample funds for events, videos, and albums. What’s more, it accomplishes all […]


Brought To You By…Pt.2

Your punditocracy has spoken: Jay-Z’s partnership with Samsung was a technical disaster… or maybe it broke new ground for artists everywhere. Scratch that, it was a marketing coup only a dyed-in-the-wool mover like Jay-Z could’ve pulled. No, Samsung won the day. Er, both camps benefited equally? Of course, there was never going to be a consensus on an […]

Brought to You By… Pt.1

Don’t believe for a second your stoner friends spend less than you just because they stay in Friday night while you drop $14 on a drink to get some stranger’s attention. Between gear and comforts, there’s a whole industry devoted to servicing the suburban weed demon. Grinders, backpacks, pieces, Doritos Locos, skateboard trucks, bottle opener flip […]

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Money Short Like Stoudamire

The absorption of private life into public consumption is one of the most startling and significant developments in pop music so far this Millennium. The line between the two, already blurred by the celeb press’s paramilitary tactics, the social media confessional, and a raft of professional sex tapes, is now regarded as a privilege few can […]

What’s The Matter With Montana?

After what can be described only as an unlikely ascent, in 2013, French Montana displays most of the trappings of a bona fide rap superstar. He is the CEO of his own record label. Frequent collaborators include a veritable who’s who of rap’s commercial upper-echelon: Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and DJ Khaled, to name […]


Dear Dumb Broads, One Cut Out Per A Crew

Dear Dumb Broads, While the temperature in the city is rising so are the number of broads who chose to wear cut out dresses. I am sure these freakum dresses are easy breezy and keep you lovely ladies cool on these summer nights, but is it honestly necessary for all of you to wear them […]

Tumblr Should Pay For Production Of ‘Based God: The Musical’

Long story short Yahoo, which is pretty much irrelevant in 2013, came up with a solution for that problem. The solution? Buy social media/blogging format Tumblr for $1.1 Billion. Think the deal is dumb. Yahoo is looking at Tumblr’s consumer base and all their traffic and sees dollar signs. What they don’t get is that […]

Weather Conspiracy Theorists Need To Chill

Weather conspiracy theorists are one of the more questionable conspiracy theory groups. Have mixed feelings on conspiracy theories in general. Firm believer in questioning the realities of what society tells us is the truth. That part I cannot be mad at. However even if the government has an ability to somehow manipulate the weather, guess what? IT […]