Leo Brings In 40 With Tyrese?


(TMZ) Leonardo DiCaprio turns 40 better than you do … ’cause when he does it … he’s surrounded by hot models and A-list celebs in a super-exclusive club.

According to sources inside the party … Leo shutdown SoHo House in West Hollywood Tuesday night. His pals Tyrese, Adam Levine, Russell Simmons, and Robin Thicke were there — but more importantly … there was a ton of window dressing.

We’re told it was about “80% models” inside the event … which, for Leo, adds up to a very happy birthday.

So Leo brought in 40 at the SoHo House in West Hollywood. Did Leo blow Molly up a bunch of models butts to bring in four decades? Likely. That is to be expected at this point but the real question is how did Tyrese get down with the squad? How is that dinklepuffin on the Leo Birthday bash email chain? You know Tyrese is going to do exactly what he did and whip out the cell phone to take selfies for the gram. Partying with Leo rule #1…No cellphones. No cellphone pics increase models embracing slut feminism by about 5000%. This is day one shit. Step it up Tyrese. Jesus fuck.