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What the fuck are you a Parisian tourist? It’s simple either wear gloves or do not. Just avoid letting everyone know you are an asshole via your choice in gloves.
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Scorsese doing his version of Jordan Belfort’s The Wolf Of Wall Street starring Leo. Be sure to read the book. Inherently these dudes were out of control. Just creating tier systems for prostitutes and eating Quaaludes which pharmaceutical companies ceased producing making it a competition to acquire the illegal commodity. Pretty much the story of what happens when Bros are making too much illegal money […]
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For everyone trying to get to that place where you forget what shit even looks like.
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Trend alert. Lots of adult males thinking it is acceptable to wear tank tops, when it clearly is not acceptable. Just brunching in your neon pocket tee tank top bro? Do me a favor and go fuck yourself.
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Hardest grapefruit soda in the streets. Fresca is an abomination to grapefruit sodas everywhere. Jarritos is acceptable, but Ting is King. Do the right thing.
Price $175
Saw this chick cruising around the LES like she was hot shit. Pretty sure she was Tory Burch head to toe with the heavy logo based nylon bag bringing it all together. Twenty bucks says if you made it rain $25 Coach gift cards on her she would get on her hands and knees, pick […]
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One of the most slept on sauces in the game. Put it on fries, put it on chicken, put onto pretty much anything and watch honey mustard take a meal to the next level. Don’t fuck this up.
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Want people to know you have absolutely no fucking class? Just let them catch you drinking this vodka infused sparkling wine. If this product does not fail I give up on humanity.
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Early 90s classic. Louis Gossett Jr. swag for days. Plus Rudy was in it.  
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Probably one of the most crack drinks of all time. So dry and refreshing.
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Meet a lovely young lady until the realization comes she is wearing jeans with no back pockets. Trollops who swag like that are basic 100% of the time. Power through that.
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It was the power move in 3rd grade and to be frank, still is. Need a nifty bag to carry things in? Look no further than this sweet backpack. FYI this backpack definitely comes with a hood in case a light rain emerges.