Chicago’s Female Rappers

The more commercially successful female rappers such as Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj never managed to crack into the rotations of my listening agenda. The only exception to my general disinterest in female rappers was Gangsta Boo. Thing about Gangsta Boo is she is kind of like Hell Rell, awesome in a collective, forgettable as a solo artist. As of late that has changed. Three female rappers have managed to integrate their music into my rotation  All of whom are from the metropolitan area of Chicago. Familiarize oneself below.

Katie Got Bandz

When Katie first came out I initially thought she was a temporary success that was a credit more to Drill style Chicago rap as opposed to talent. Next thing I know Proenza Schouler has a chick doing Katie Got Bandz inspired youtubes. Ironic especially considering that while most designer brands rappers prefer Fendi, YSL, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, etc would be terrified to be associated with Drill style Chicago rap, Proenza is just mobbing on the culturally progressive virals. Ashamed to say a Proenza Schouler co sign put me on, but it did. “They Know How I’m Rockin” maintained her momentum and “Pop Out” is her best song to date. Finally be on the lookout for her excellently titled next project, Drillary Clinton.

Sasha Go Hard

Outlined my thoughts on Sasha in 10 Rappers You Need To Know: 4th Edition. She doesn’t take the Nicki Minaj route of sexually exploiting herself using character based personalities/gimmicks. In a weird way almost want to describe her as having some integrity within her lyrics. Sasha just does her which last time I checked was what we were supposed to admire in a rapper. Start with Sasha’s Round 3 tape.


Even though most of the music I am familiar with by Dreezy is from a collaborative project with Mikey Dollaz still feel confident in her ability to succeed as a solo artist. She is probably the most lyrical of this group. Saw this DGainz visual and was sold.

Sidebar, can we talk about how that DGainz character has single handedly brought dancing back into the forefront rap visuals on a grassroots level? Not really the traditional B Boy style, which makes it more awesome. Evolution of culture is a beautiful thing.

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